Things to know about the Limited company Calculator

A Limited company is a form of incorporation that limits the amount of liability undertaken by the company’s shareholders. It refers to a legal structure that ensures that the liability of company members or subscribers is limited to their stake in the company by way of investments or commitments.

Benefits from Limited company

  • A limited company and the people who run it are distinct.
  • A limited company structure provides a firewall between the finances of the company and its owners.
  • A limited company is allowed to own assets and keep any profits made after tax.
  • A limited company can enter into contracts on its own.

What is Limited Company Calculator

Limited company Calculator, use to calculate profit, usually contractors who trade via the limited company.  Use this for their corporation taxes and distributable profits for dividends. This calculator may help in a way that it will deduct your expenses, pension contributions and salaries from your annual revenue. To calculate corporation tax and to determine your net yearly and monthly profit. This implies the number of dividends you can pay.  Any contractor who wishes to use this can calculate also your take-home pay. enter your,  annual income, expenses and mileage and this calculator will calculate your take-home pay, split between salary and dividends.

Umbrella Companies

Benefits of using Limited company Calculator

As simple as allows you to quickly to plan your limited company’s structure, as well as how much you save from your tax. Very useful to those who want a proper liquidation with regards to their taxes.

Features of Limited company Calculator

Changing the assumptions, this allows you to calculate well your flat rate VAT or standard VAT, to find the best contractor and also you can see the impact of tax pension payments.

Limited company for their Self- Employed

It allows you to see your tax deduction if you are self-employed, values show how much you can get to keep. If you choose to be self-employed through a limited company, your tax obligations are different from, for reason of simply registered as self-employed. Both your business income and outgoings go through the limited company, of which you are an employee.

The limited company then pays corporation tax on its profits, and you can take dividends of any remaining profit.


In using a limited company calculator makes life easier and more convenient. In filling the yellow boxes, and the calculator will work out how much post-tax profit is available to distribute as dividends. Following a deduction for Corporation Tax and any plus expenses incurred during the tax year.

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